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Here is a short comparison of the three different levels of Help we offer Unisa Students


You get all the study forums (chat and discussion groups); assignment comparison and resources library, along with our study timetable, lecture notes and exam packs. This is for the student who wants all the resources, but do not need intense access to our lecturers.


  • You can call us anytime if you need help on how to use the site and find the resources. So call us for things like: how to log in; lost your password; where to find your study group; finding resources on the site; how to post questions and answers for your fellow students; how to friend someone; how to send a personal message; how to use the assignment comparison tool; and where to find the “how-to guides”.

  • This is a self-study option, where you get help and interaction from your classmates.

  • Daily emails to keep you up to date on what has been discussed in the groups.

  • Friend your classmates for one-on-one chats.

  • Compare and discuss assignments… cheat-free.

  • In-depth Study Notes written by our expert Lecturers. Summarised and Organised… so you tackle the things you must know for the exam, first.

  • Exam packs; mock exams with typical exam questions and answers.


All the awesome help in the Gold group; but with the addition of a qualified and friendly lecturer. The lecturer will post notes weekly, guide discussions of the work, chat about assignments and help any time (inside working hours) you are feeling stuck. This is for the student who want an extra helping hand with their studies.

ALL the GOLD items, PLUS:

  • A full-time lecturer allocated to your group.

  • Your lecturer is posting in your group regularly, adding to the discussion daily, and facilitating the group discussion each day.

  • Your lecturer will answer your questions when you get stuck. She explains the course-work that you don’t understand.

  • The Lecturer keeps you on track with your studies, using your timetable. So she makes sure you don’t fall behind.

  • The lecturer has done all the assignments himself - so she truly understands the work, and knows where the difficult question are… and how approach those questions.

  • With MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) the lecturer will lead the discussion on the difficult questions, and the questions that students get stuck on.

  • The lecturer discusses problem questions in the study group.

  • With essay-type questions, the lecturer will teach the group how to approach these questions.

  • With essay-type questions you can mail your assignment to the lecturer for his comments.

  • For structured questions, the lecturer gives help in the study forum, and leads the discussion in the forum on how to answer these questions.

  • When you are doing your exam preparation, the lecturer will remind you what to study, and when.

  • The lecturer helps you prepare for the exam, working through the exam pack, and discussing difficult questions.

  • You will find that being part of a study group, led by a lecturer will greatly increase your motivation.

  • Online Discussion groups to chat with Lecturers and Classmates.

  • Daily emails to keep you up to date on what has been discussed in the groups.

  • Friend your classmates for one-on-one chats.


This is the Premium Deluxe, Super VIP, Tutoring on Steroids option. You get all the goodies from the Gold and Premium groups, and then, some more. If you really want to push for a First, or you have been struggling with a subject… the Dragon is the answer for that completely one-on-one experience.

 We hold you hand every step of the way. Nothing is too much to ask. Your lecturer is available for Skype chats, one-on-one discussions in the Chat Forums, notes on what you should be studying right now, special exam preparation sessions, assignment comparison, great study notes, exam packs, notes printed and couriered to your door, study timetable and reminders… and more!

If you absolutely can not afford to fail your exam. Or if you are aiming for the top spot. This is the full-service, personal tutoring option that you must take.